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Note to Editors: While the information on this website is copyrighted, you are welcome to use it as is provided that you quote the source. If copy is of interest to you, but you find it a little dated and/or not quite suitable for your readership and you wish to use it with revisions, contact the author. In most instances I should be able to revise it at short notice.

Caution: Be warned Opinion and Analysis like fresh fish and house guests begins to smell after a few days. Always take note of the date of any opinion or analysis. If you want an update on anything that has been be covered by the open i, contact the author .

Opinion & Analysis: Opinion without analysis or reasoning and Analysis without opinion or conclusion are equally useless. So Opinion and Analysis are a continuum. Copy that puts emphasis on and quantifies reasoning is identified as Analysis. In the interest of readability the presentation of analytical elements may be abridged. If you require more than is presented, contact the author.

Retro Editing: It is my policy generally not to edit material after it has been published. What represents fair comment for the time will be kept, even if subsequent events change the situation. Understanding the wisdom of the time is of value. Struck-out text may be used to indicate changed situations. Contact the author for explanations.

The body of the text of anything that proves to be embarrassingly fallacious will be deleted, but the summary will be retained with comment as to why the deletion has occurred. This will act as a reminder to the author to be more careful.

David Walker
Edmonton, AB
phone: +01 780 434 7615
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The inspiration for the open i is Bob Edward who published a succession of weekly newspapers between 1897 and 1922, mainly from various small town Alberta locations. The most famous of these was the High River "Eye Opener."

Bob's humour and independent editorial style soon earned him a reputation that resulted in this copy being syndicated to other newspapers and his weeklies being sold across Canada. He is reputed to have been a remittance man and, therefore, of limited but independent means.

His challenge lay with gaining and maintaining advertizing revenue. He did not appear to allow the sensitivities of his sponsors to stunt unduly his copy. Bob's most celebrated sponsor was Jerry Boyce, owner of hotels in which Bob lived and where his successes were celebrated.

The Internet would have suited Bob. Too bad that it came a hundred years too late to benefit from Bob's copy.

Reference: "The Best of Bob Edwards," edited by Hugh A. Demsey, Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton, 1975, ISBN 0-88830-096-4.

The purpose of the open i is provide background to and an independent analysis on Canadian and other agricultural issues. And at the same time to promote the work of the author, David Walker. Opinion will tend to be limited to those topics that have market implications and where the author believes he has expertise worth sharing.

Presentation will be simple, perhaps even stark. Emphasis will be on content rather than display. This should ensure that information can be speedily published, accessed and retrieved.

The opinions expressed at open i are those of the author unless otherwise cited. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, the author is unable to provide any guarantee in this respect, or to be liable for the consequences of action taken on the basis of any information which proves to be inaccurate. You are welcome to use any information provided you quote the source. See copyright and disclaimer information.

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David Walker is a freelance agricultural economist working from his home in Edmonton, AB. He has over four-five years experience in agricultural market and policy analysis. He has held positions at various times with Alberta Agriculture, Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council, Alberta Grain Commission, Alberta Pulse Growers' Commission, Canadian Food Prices Review Board, Canadian Anti Inflation Board, UK Home Grown Cerals Authority and such.

He has related degrees from the University of Nottingham at Sutton Bonnington and University of Guelph.


phone: +01 780 434 7615
Edmonton, AB, Canada

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